Street Scholars Present at Scientific Conference Print

at ccrec 092912

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, Street Scholars, Marcus Austin, Victoria Perez, Ron Moss, and Elizabeth Marlow participated in the Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California’s First Annual Scientific Research Conference. 

We were one group of many who presented their community-based participatory research (CBPR) projects happening throughout California.  We particularly moved by the film, “Uneasy Remains”,  a documentary about Native American people reclaiming the remains of their ancestors held within the UC system for anthropologic and cultural research.  We also found the work being done on clean water in the San Joaquin Valley important and innovative.  It was a wonderful day to share the challenges and successes of doing this kind of research.

We were proud of our presentation which described what we achieved thus far: a conceptual framework and position statement, a model of the project, and the philosophical and methodological foundations for our project.  We were even more proud of our team member, Marcus Austin, who blew everyone away by sharing his story of coming home after being incarcerated for 15 years.  Marcus was articulate and profound as he talked about the struggles both in and out of prison and what it takes to make it in free society.  People were moved and tears were shed.  And for Elizabeth, personally, getting these very important stories, like Marcus’s, out there to a larger, mainstream audience unfamiliar with the damage prison can do, is a goal for the project and for the work she is trying to do.  Thank you, Marcus! We are proud of you!