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james joshua jr. 2
James Joshua, Jr, aka "Josh", one of Citizens for Education's Founders.


It takes a village to raise a non-profit and TGI could not do without the support of the dedicated villagers at Citizens for Education. Citizens for Education, founded in 2004 by James Joshua, Jr. and Vernell Crittendon, provides supportive services and guidance to paroled adults entering college-level education.


Housed within the Peralta Colleges, Citizens for Educations assists with everything from choosing classes and applying for financial aid to completing a GED and learning effective study habits.  Returning to or entering school for the first time is an overwhelming process for many paroled men and women.  Citizens for Education's hands-on and attentive approach ensures that students are successful and gain the confidence and skills they need to complete Associate's Degree programs. Since 2004, 800 formerly incarcerated men and women have participated in the Citizens for Education program.

James Joshua, Jr., aka "Josh", Citizens for Education's President says, "Parolees can get easily discouraged by the academic process.  Our job is to support them, encourage them, and help them get the education they really need to make it in society." 

TGI is grateful to Citizens for Education, not only for the important work they do but for how they welcomed us when we first opened our doors in 2009.  "TGI's motto is 'We love parolees'," says Executive Director, Vernell Crittendon.  "We love parolees.  That's not something you hear every day but something that is sorely needed." 

Over the past three years, TGI's relationship with Citizens for Education has become a true partnership.  We are currently working on several proposals to expand educational access to paroled adults and further develop TGI's peer mentoring program.  We also act as primary referal sources for one another.

Thanks Citizens for Education for all you do in our community and for all you do for TGI! We love you!