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lonnie porter


Lonnie Porter is perhaps the most stylish and genteel of all TGI's Loved Ones.  We met Lonnie in January 2012 when he joined our Super Tuesdays program.  Since then, he has been a most dedicated and delightful participant.  Lonnie currently resides at GEOCare's Oakland Facility, a halfway house for federal parolees.  In the community for three months after serving a 9-year sentence, Lonnie says the best thing about being out is, "Freedom!"

"I love being able to go places. It's a slow transition back into society but being amongst people, that's the best thing for me right now. It really helps."  We're glad you're in our midst too, Lonnie!  In addition to being a regular attendant at TGI's Super Tuesdays, Lonnie also volunteers regularly at St. Vincent de Paul.  He loves to give back and to be around positive people.

The oldest of eight children, Lonnie is close to all his siblings but came to Oakland to be near one of his younger brothers.  "We talk on the phone every day. He's in upper management in a company in Oakland. I am very proud of my brother."  A committed family person, one of the hardest things for Lonnie has been coping with the death of his mother two years ago. She died while he was incarcerated. "The biggest obstacle for me right now is knowing that I am not going see my mother again after being incarcerated for so long."

Lonnie's faith in God and his spirituality help him through his most difficult times.  "I have a very strong faith in God.  He knows the secret of your heart and what lies heavy on your heart.  And that's the thing I hold on to."

For Lonnie, being a part of TGI is also helping his transition back into society. "I really like this program you guys have because it helps."  The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) classes are very beneficial for him. "NVC made me take a broader perspective of what's going on in my life and what's going on in other people's lives. You know that Mother Teresa saying, 'love them anyway'?  NVC has shown me how do that, love others, even when you might not want too."

Wow! Lonnie that's a lesson we all should learn! Thank you for being a part of TGI! We love you!