Veronica Hays - A Star in Everyone's Eyes (and hearts) Print E-mail

If you're wondering who that lady is with the beautiful smile and calm demeanor, she's Veronica Hays - most beloved by all at TGI and St. Vincent de Paul.  We had the pleasure of meeting Veronica while she attended TGI's Winter 2011 PAROLEE POWER Works! computer skills class.

"I am not afraid of the computer any more.  Now, I can do research and use google.  Without the computer class, I would not have had the confidence to take the job I have now."  Thank you, Veronica! But we are the lucky ones having had you in the class.

After serving a five-year prison sentence, Veronica took her reintegration seriously and will complete her parole supervision in November (Congrats, Lady!).  Not only did Veronica participate in TGI's computer course, she also took advantage of St. Vincent de Paul's Transitional Employment Program.  She currently works as receptionist/support staff at the St. Vincent de Paul Women's Center - a role that makes the most of Veronica's inherent wisdom, kindness, and compassion.  "I do enjoy it because I have to get to where their [the clients'] mind is at.  It keeps me sober. I don't ever want to be out there again."

A native of Hayward, Veronica lives with her mother, her daughter, Bianca (21), her son, Brian, (19), her grandson, Ramon (8 months), and her partner of 3 years, Cynthia. She loves living with her family and being able to there for them once again.  Recently, Veronica was thrilled to celebrate her daughter's and son's birthdays with them. "I told my kids, 'bear with me', because they know where I can get to and where we've been."  Prior to her incarceration Veronica worked successfully in the catering and grocery business. Her grandson holds a special place in her heart and she loves being with him and watching him grow.  Well, Veronica, you hold a special place in our hearts! We love you!


Veronica Hays, a bright star along the San Pablo Corridor.