The Doctor is in the House! Print E-mail

TGI is thrilled to welcome its very own physician volunteer, Dr. Thomas Tartaro.  Dr. Tartaro, or "Dr. T" as we affectionately call him, learned about TGI through a family friend.  He checked out TGI's website and realized, "something very interesting in going on at The Gamble Institute." Dr. T generously offered his services as physician educator and consultant.  While he is a neurologist with a specialty in addiction medicine, Dr. T answers TGI client-member's questions on medical topics from cancer to diabetes.  Dr. T attends the parole department's weekly PACT meetings where he meets and mingles with service providers, parole agents, and paroled men and women themselves. In addition to individual consultations and participating in the PACT meetings, Dr. T is an active participant in our Family Connections course, where we learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC) taught by empathy experts, Meganwind, John, and Sharran from BayNVC.  Dr. T says of NVC, "It's stuff you should now but you never practice it.  I find it really challenging."  We think you know  A LOT, Dr. T!  You are smart, compassionate, and a fantastic conversationalist!  We look forward to talking with and learning more from you!


TGI's Favorite Physician Volunteer, Dr. T.