TGI's Vision Realized - Community Leadership Print E-mail
Left to Right: Ron Moss, Executive Director; Lajuana Prince-Vaughn, Program Coordinator; 
Earthy Young, Assistant Director
When TGI was founded in 2009 one of its long-term visions was to have the organization led by members of the community it served. Congratulations TGI! Your vision has been realized! It is with pleasure and excitement, that TGI co-founder, Elizabeth Marlow, is stepping down as Executive Director and a new, vibrant, intelligent, enthusiastic team now takes the leadership reins!
Ron Moss, a graduate of Merritt college and now a Masters student at the UCB School of Social Welfare, is TGI's new Executive Director. Under his capable leadership, Ron is developing strategic partnerships to ensure the Street Scholars program comprehensively serves the needs of formerly incarcerated students.  Ron is also working to institutionalize the Street Scholars program within the Merritt Campus. Earthy Young, one of TGI's co-founders, steps into the role of Assistant Director. Earthy is a gifted leader, speaker, and group facilitator. He connects well with everyone he meets and always gets to the heart and soul of the matter at hand - this is an important ability and necessary for working formerly incarcerated men and women.  Lajuana Prince-Vaughn, also a graduate of Merritt College and a senior transfer student in Sociology and Social Services at Cal-State East Bay, is taking up a new position - program coordinator.  In this role, Lajuana will ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Street Scholars program. She will also work directly with students to make sure their matriculation requirements are met and they have the support they need to be successful in school and life. These positions are funded in part by a grant from Merritt College.
What a fantastic development for TGI!  With this wonderful team at the helm, the sky is most certainly the limit!