Innovations in Reentry - a Success! Print E-mail
Spring 2015 marked the end of our 18-month pilot evaluation of the Street Scholars Peer Mentoring Program funded the Alameda County Innovations in Reentry program.  We are excited to share that we achieved the objectives put forth in our original proposal. 

The three primary outcomes of the Street Scholars pilot program were that, during the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2014 semesters, 5-10 formerly incarcerated students would complete two semesters with: 1) no failing grades; 2) no drug or alcohol relapses that would disrupt academic progress; and 3) no rearrests or reincarcerations that would disrupt academic progress. Our recruitment goal was 25 formerly incarcerated students.  We recruited 20 formerly incarcerated students and 12 of the participants were under current parole (4) or probation (8) supervision. Five of the 20 formerly incarcerated participants were women. Ten of the formerly incarcerated students achieved the grant objectives. Of these, three were on active probation and two were on active parole; they were all men and all African-American. In total we enrolled 26 students. While six students did not have a personal incarceration history, four students had at least one first-degree relative with an incarceration history.
We learned alot during this pilot project and the challenges we faced and overcame during the funding period have made us stronger as an organization. We refined the Street Scholars program to better serve the students. We trained nine new peer mentors and we transitioned three of the original peer mentors into leadership positions within TGI. We also demonstrated that we could responsibly manage a large grant. 

We are grateful to the Innovations in Reentry staff for this opportunity and their support and flexibility in helping us develop as an organization.  We are also most appreciative to the administration, faculty, and staff of Merritt College.  Street Scholars' success would not have been possible without the generosity of Merritt College.  Indeed, Merritt and the Peralta Community College District is committed to continuing Street Scholars and has given us grant to further evolve the program. What an exciting way to enter the 2015-2016 academic year - a successful project completed and the chance to grow into the future! THANK YOU INNOVATIONS IN REENTRY AND MERRITT COLLEGE!