TGI Shares the Love! Print E-mail
Lajuana, TGI's program cooridinator is proudly flanked by new
peer mentors, Cyn (left) and Shea (right).
During the Spring 2015 semester, TGI was thrilled to provide peer mentor training to five students from the Disability Services Program (DSP).  DSP asked for our assistance and expertise in helping them develop and train peer mentors for their program.  We were honored to be asked and excited to establish a more formal partnership with DSP as we serve many of the same students. 
The six-week program was grounded in community-based participatory research principles, that is, we asked the DSP peer mentors what they thought their program should look like and helped them develop a model based on their ideas and core values.  We also focused on empathy-based communication skills and problem-solving strategies. We were particuarly pleased because we also trained three new peer mentors for TGI's Street Scholars program who will start mentoring in the Fall. Going forward we will continue to work closely with DSP and cooridinate our services and training to better serve formerly incarcerated students and those students with disabilities.  Thank you so much for asking us to work with you, DSP! We are excited to share the love!