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On February 3, 2015, motivational speaker, Doris Mangrum, wowed the Merritt College campus with her multi-media presentation, The Saidiana Experience. Saidiana is a Swahili word that means to help one another and that is the purpose of The Saidiana Experience - to inspire everyone to do her or his part to end the crisis of incarceration in America. 

The Saidiana Experience addressed the failure of mass incarceration and its deleterious impact on our communities, especially impoverished communities of color.  While the pains of widespread imprisonment are real, with The Saidiana Experience, Doris offered messages of hope that each of us individually can make a difference to positively support people after prison and when we work together we can have an even greater impact.  During her presentation, Doris also shared some of her award-winning documentary, Stains Changing Lives After Incarceration.  Stains draws on the experience of individuals and families affected by incarceration. It's a painful look at a difficult reality but, like Saidiana, the movie offers a message of hope that we can make a difference if we try. 

The students and faculty who participated in The Saidiana Experience were moved and inspired. Many participants shared with Doris how motivated they were to want to be a part of the solution. Doris and her work truly are inspirational. If you have a chance to hear Doris speak DO NOT MISS IT!  Thank you Doris for sharing yourself and your time with us.  


Doris speaks the truth about mass incarceration.

drloveandcedric armstrong

Dr. Love and student, Cedric Armstrong, enjoying the presentation.


Stains - see it and understand.