Around Merritt: The Disability Services Program for Merritt Students Print E-mail

mary and ron

Mary Ciddio and Ron Nelson of the Disability Services Program

Our newest feature, "Around Merritt", will showcase some of the wonderful services available to Merritt College students.  It is also a way for TGI to show gratitude towards the campus organizations that support Street Scholars.  For our inaugural piece we are thrilled to highlight, the Disability Services Program (DSP) team, Mary Ciddio and Ron Nelson. DSP provides a wide range of services to students with learning disabilities.  They work with students to identify the specific disabilities that impede learning and academic success.  Once a student's specific learning disability is defined, Mary and Ron identify the appropriate services, supports, and accommodations to ensure that student's success.  These services can be as simple as allowing the student more time for test taking to high-tech, sophisticated devices like smart pens and voice-to-text software.  

"Our job is to level the playing field," says Ron Nelson. "We want to help the students get the accommodations they need so they can be successful in learning."  A most worthy goal!  Merritt College is fortunate to have Mary and Ron. Together they have 40 years of combined expertise in ensuring access to students with specific learning needs.  Mary has been with DSP for 9 years and Ron joined the team in 2008 after a 35-year career at Solano College.

TGI is excited about our new partnership with DSP.  Beginning in Spring 2015, TGI will provide training and support to DSP's new peer mentoring program. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with DSP, share our expertise and learn from theirs.  A win-win for TGI, DSP, and most importantly the students of Merritt College!