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Ron Moss and Earthy Young, TGI's new Assistant Director and Team Leader

TGI is excited to annouce that Ron Moss is now Assistant Director of the organization and Earthy Young is Team Leader of the Street Scholars Peer Mentoring Program.

Together, with Executive Director, Elizabeth Marlow, Ron and Earthy are a part of TGI's Executive Team. As Assistant Director, Ron will work closely with Elizabeth to oversee the implementation and expansion of TGI's programs and research. In the Team Leader role, Earthy will ensure the smooth running of the Street Scholars program and work with the mentors to make sure all groups and one-to-one sessions meet the needs of our program participants.  Ron, a part of TGI since 2012, is a senior at UC Berkeley and already preparing for doctoral studies. We can't wait to call him Dr. Moss!  Earthy is one of the co-founders of TGI and knows the organization's history inside and out.  We are thrilled that Earthy is stepping into this critical leadership position. We are so pleased to be growing to such an extent that we really do need an "Executive Team"!  Thank you Ron and Earthy for being part of TGI's healthy and steady growth!