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TGI's BOD: Carolee Gearhart, Thomas Tartaro, and Mara McGrath

(not pictured: Pete Small)


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Elizabeth with her good friend, Ruben Hands 


TGI's is thrilled about it's amazing Board of Directors, Carolee Gearhart, Elizabeth Marlow, Mara McGrath, Peter Small, and Thomas Tartaro!  Together, these three incredible folks are ensuring that TGI's growth is steady, strong, and true to its mission.  Together they bring a wealth of non-profit and for-profit expertise. Their finanicial, management, and leadership experience will further refine TGI's organizational and funding structures. They are also well connected and familiar with Oakland and the Bay Area - perfect for recruiting more board members!

Here's a little information about each of them.

Carolee Gearhart is the Vice President of Global Channels & Partners at Adaptive Planning. Her expertise includes national and international sales development as well as financial and management strategies.  Carolee is also a trapeze artist!

Elizabeth Marlow is a co-founder of The Gamble Institute and the former Executive Director. She is a nurse pracititioner with the San Francisco County Jail Health Service.  Elizabeth loves to cook and is an amateur photographer!

Mara McGrath has a Masters in Public Health and is a Health Policy Analyst at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital. She has many years of non-profit board experience and most recently completed a board term with Operation Access.  Mara is also a private pilot!

Pete Small is an Executive Leadership Coach with experience in motivational counseling, personal crisis management, and behavioral modification. He currently works as a consultant for several large-scale organizational coaching and training firms. In addition to being an avid hiker, Pete is a wonderful listener!

Thomas Tartaro, is a physician with specialities in neurology and addiction medicine.  His experience includes establishing successful private medical practices and for-profit companies.  Thomas is also a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practitioner and volunteers his time to share the NVC practice at San Quentin State Prison!

Thank you, Carolee, Elizabeth, Mara, Pete, and Thomas!  With you as our BOD, the sky's the limit!