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The Gamble Institute (TGI) is a community-based participatory research institute for parolees and their families founded in October 2009.  TGI's mission is to work with community members to provide relevant services and implement research projects that create meaningful knowledge to improve conditions for parolees and their families.

All of our programs are designed with the input of members of the parole community.  Current and former parolees also direct and facilitate most our programs ensuring that paroled men and women are understood and supported throughout their reintegration experience.

The Gamble Institute is named in honor of E. Lee Gamble, co-founder Elizabeth Marlow's grandfather.  Dr. Gamble was a Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He was wise, wonderful, and civic minded.  He taught his granddaughters that an open heart and an open mind can change the world.

Dr_Gamble_6.001_webE. Lee Gamble, PhD


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Left to Right: Ron Moss, Executive Director; Lajuana Prince-Vaughn, Program Coordinator; 
Earthy Young, Assistant Director


Ron Moss, a graduate of Merritt college and now a Masters student at the UCB School of Social Welfare, is TGI's new Executive Director. Under his capable leadership, Ron is developing strategic partnerships to ensure the Street Scholars program comprehensively serves the needs of formerly incarcerated students.  Ron is also working to institutionalize the Street Scholars program within the Merritt Campus. Earthy Young, one of TGI's co-founders, steps into the role of Assistant Director. Earthy is a gifted leader, speaker, and group facilitator. He connects well with everyone he meets and always gets to the heart and soul of the matter at hand - this is an important ability and necessary for working formerly incarcerated men and women.  Lajuana Prince-Vaughn, also a graduate of Merritt College and a senior transfer student in Sociology and Social Services at Cal-State East Bay, is taking up a new position - program coordinator.  In this role, Lajuana will ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Street Scholars program. She will also work directly with students to make sure their matriculation requirements are met and they have the support they need to be successful in school and life.  With such a fantastic team at the helm, the sky is the limit for TGI!

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tgi bod

TGI's BOD: Carolee Gearhart, Thomas Tartaro, and Mara McGrath

(not pictured: Pete Small)


web em and ruben 2011

Elizabeth with her good friend, Ruben Hands